The Zanzibar Butterfly Centre is the largest butterfly enclosure in East Africa.  The tour can take 30 – 40 minutes where you can inspect the tiny butterfly eggs, touch and hold the hungry caterpillars and watch them nibble away at the leaves. Admire the beauty of the butterfly pupae before witnessing the butterflies hatching and opening out to become a butterfly. The visitor can roam around the magical garden, taking pictures of the butterflies and enjoying nature's treasures.During the tour visitors will be able to see many of Zanzibar's exotic butterfly species and witness, close up, every stage of their amazing life-cycle. Zanzibar Butterfly Centre is a popular Zanzibar tourist attraction, especially for school age children and their families. It is among the community based tourism attraction whereby revenue generated by visitors provides funds for local projects in the form of alternative livelihoods (Butterfly farmers were previously engaged in deforestation activities), conservation and poverty alleviation.