Ngezi Forest Reserve covers an area of 14.4 square kilometers (5.6 sq mi) and is in the north-western tip of Pemba Island one hour tarmac drive from Pemba Karume Airport. It was declared a reserve in 1950 after most of the area had been denuded for cultivation of cloves. Ngezi Forest Reserve comprises a unique combination of vegetation types in Eastern Africa. The forest consist of coral bushes and thickets, thick grasses and bushes in the sandy-loam soils and Mtifutifu soils; dominant plant species are: Odyendea zimmermanni (Mjoho), riverine forest of Barringtonia racemosa (Mtomondo), Milicia spp (Mvule), Alexandrian laurel (Mtondoo), Erythropholem spp (Mwavi), Antiarus spp (Mgulele), Chrisalidocarpus pembanus. Visiting Ngezi is a must for any nature tourist and the cool, pristine beach at Vumawimbi on the north-eastern part of the forest is very tempting and rewarding. The forest line containing closed vegetation continues up to the beach at Vumawimbi giving visitors to the new tourist resorts a wonderful tropical experience