Zanzibar Commission for Tourism in collaboration with Rafiki Network kindly invite you to the 3rd Pemba Tourisport Bonanza (PTSB) that will be held at Gombani in Pemba from 28th July - 05th August, 2019


Zanzibar Commission for Tourism in collaboration with Rafiki Network is honored to welcome donors, partners and sponsors to the third Pemba Toursiport Bonanza, a celebration of Pemba Island with Tourism for all, Sports, Music, Culture, Arts, Crafts, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

We have built on the success of the 2017 and the great and memorable 2018 Tourisport Bonanza and now return with a full 9 days of events expected to involve local and international participants.

This year, 2019 we will include the firm favorites from our previous two Bonanzas, including traditional bullfighting accompanied by a sendoff of donkey parade, double outrigger race, marathon, all Pemba traditional dance show, swimming competition and the bicycle race that makes the most of the island’s rolling hills, and the thrilling dhow race that drew a crowd of 9000+ on the final day of the festivities in the last two years’ bonanzas.

This year, we are delighted to also be trialing new events such as a traditional outdoor cooking party locally known as “kijungu nje” for girls at Kangagani village; donkey racing; school students talents, creativity and innovation show; the Kojani Island sailing and kayaking Festival; the Tumbe canoe race festival; the Nasheed and Duffu competition; a month-long football tournament with the final to be held at Gombani Stadium; and Pemba’s first ever opening Carnival to be held in Wete town.

As well as the carefully curated planned events, we look forward to enjoying the spontaneous activities that sprung up around the schedule, such as the bicycle race road shows from around main roads of Pemba island ahead of race day, where cyclist get an opportunity to exercise, familiarize with the routes and help publicizing the event to the locals and boys roller skating show on trial for the first time this year.

The collaboration between traditional artists, musicians and athletes promises to deliver an unforgettable experience and unique celebration of Swahili culture.

This is Pemba’s popular festival- help to bring the island alive with your support and prepare to enjoy the liveliest social event in the calendar, never to be missed out!